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Price of Diamonds

Diamonds have been a favorite of kings and queens for thousands of years. Once considerably rare now they are much more plentiful due to improved methods of sourcing and extraction.

The Price of Diamonds website is a comprehensive up to date information and news about all aspects of diamonds from technical information right through to how to clean your diamonds, where to buy them and what to look for in a diamond to even how to sell your diamonds. Much information can be found in All About Diamonds part one as well as parts two and three and they give a general grounding in diamonds, what they are and how to buy them.

The cost of buying diamonds can vary considerably.

Price of Diamonds

The price of diamonds, or Diamond Price, is dependent upon a number of factors. Desire, rarity and even careful clever advertising and promotion are obvious but for many people perhaps less well know are The 4 C's of Diamonds. These give the most important factors about diamonds. These are the Cut, Color, Clarity and weight.

Diamond Cut

This describes the shape of the diamond. There are basically eight cuts of diamond. Round Brilliant Emerald Cut Princess Cut Heart Cut Oval Cut Marquise Cut Pear Cut Round Brilliant.

Diamond Color

The second is the Color. Color of diamonds are graded into 13 colors or tints.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity is the next method of grading diamonds and describes the quality of the diamond as regards any imperfections it may have.

Carat Weight

The last grading is carat weight. The Carat or Diamond Weight is perhaps the most important way of valuing them. Diamonds are weighed in carats and there is usually a relationship between the carat weight and the cut of a diamond.

Buy Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are probably the best ones to buy as you can easily ensure you are getting what you paid for. The best place to buy loose diamonds is featured in this section. Best Place to Buy Loose Diamonds and here describes the best way to Purchasing Loose Diamonds. Buying diamonds this way can save a lot of money.

Conflict Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are very much in the news and measures such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme are now in place to ensure that future diamonds purchases are not conflict or blood diamonds.

One Carat Diamond

Here we explain all about the one carat diamond, probably one of the most popular diamonds available. Also there is information about the one carat loose diamond which is likely to be the best way of buying a diamond.

DeBeers Diamonds

Just about everyone knows about DeBeers. This section explains who DeBeers is and how they came about. Plus it enlightens and dispels some myths about DeBeers as well.

Diamond Auctions

One of the best ways of buying diamonds is through an auction. But there are some important points to keep in mind when buying diamonds from an auction. Here we explain why

Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds are very rare and it takes a lot of effort to find them. But for some people it is well worth the effort. Information on theBlack Diamond Price is well worth having also.

Antique Diamond Ring

Auctions are a good place to buy antique diamond rings. You can get a good diamond price for some very valuable rings this way.

Diamond Substitutes

Diamond substitutes, such as cubic zirconia, are more affordable if the budget is an issue but you still want something nice and spectacular.

Cultured Diamonds

Cultured Diamonds, however, are entirely different. These are real diamonds grown in a laboratory under great pressure. The are expected to replace the expensive diamonds just as cultured pearls replaced the natural some years ago.

Cultured Diamonds

Cultured Diamonds, however, are entirely different. These are real diamonds grown in a laboratory under great pressure. The are expected to replace the expensive diamonds just as cultured pearls replaced the natural some years ago.

Diamond Insurance

It is very important to ensure, especially if you have a large and expensive diamond, that it is insured for its replacement value and not the market value. The difference can be enormous.

Diamond Appraisal

Some people ask, What is Diamond Appraisal?

Getting your diamond properly appraised is vital to ensure you know that you have purchased what you expected and paid for. There is a big section on Diamond Appraisal.

Cost of Wholesale Diamonds

One would expect the Price of Wholesale Diamonds to be a lot cheaper than retail. Well that depends on a number of factors and here you can find out what they are.

How to Sell Diamonds

Selling diamonds can be a bit of a shock for some people when they discover that they are not going to get what they expected. So knowing How to Sell Your Diamond and How do I Best Sell My Vintage Diamonds is important. Sometimes it is better to Sell Loose Diamonds than selling diamonds in their settings.

Price Chart of Diamonds

Very handy is the price chart of diamonds. Also charts to show the Proportions of Diamonds as well as the Carat Weight & Size Charts and the general Diamond Price Chart.

Where to buy diamonds
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