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How to Buy Loose Diamonds

Buying lose diamonds is probably the best way to buy diamonds. the cost of diamonds is much higher when they are in a setting, It is also more difficult to appraise a diamond already in a setting. So you can get the best diamond price this way. You can take the diamond or diamonds to a jewelery and get them set into a piece of your own design.

You will ensure you get the best diamond value also.

What to Look for
All diamonds are assigned a clarity grading using a microscope with the magnification power of ten times so using one of these should ,enable you to see the inclusions detailed on the certificate. If there are more inclusions than noted on the certificate it may not be the same diamond but one of a lesser quality.

If you are looking through jewelry stores or diamond dealers always ask for a 10X (ten times) Loupe so you can examine the interior of a stone.

A Loupe is a special microscope made specifically for looking in diamonds and other stones. 10X refers to the magnification properties of the loupe. What you find should correspond to the certificate that should come with a stone. If a stores does not have a loupe or will not supply one so you can inspect stones then it is best not to shop there but find one that does.

When you use the loupe place it right up against your eye and then slowly bring the diamond (held with tweezers) up close until it comes into focus. You should be able to see any inclusions mentioned. make sure they match the certificate for that diamond.

Types of Loose Diamonds
If you are looking at a diamond with a round brilliant cut, ask to see some examples The most common shapes for lose diamonds in alphabetical order are:

Round Brilliant

Of these the Round Brilliant is considered by most people to be the best as it tends to show off the most brilliance and sparkle.

Other shapes such as the pear, oval and marquise are usually design to maximize the carat weight.

Tips to Buy Loose Diamonds
There are tables on this site for you to print off. Take these with you and refer to them when checking the grading of diamonds.

Also get the jeweler to let you check the diamond against a master comparison set. He should have those. Again if not go elsewhere. The master set should have been previously graded by the Gemological Institute of America. The stone should be positioned against another stone in the set of the same or similar color so you can compare it.

In addition while looking at loose diamonds ask the jeweler to explain the cuts grade to you.

In all purchases of diamonds ensure that there is a standard certificate from one of the laboratories listed on Diamond Weight.

Keeping in mind the above points will help ensure you get the best diamond value when you go out to buy loose diamonds.

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