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Diamonds in Canada

Some of the first Canadian diamonds were discovered around 1863. Since then there has been a stead flow of Diamond out of Canada. In 1920 a 33 carat diamond was located during the building of a railroad.

A Canadian diamond boom began in 1989 and in 1998 the first diamond mine was opened.

Today there are several diamond mines operating in Canada. Mostly in the provinces of Provinces of Saskatchewan, Ontario, the Northwest Territories, and Quebec

Diamond Discoveries International (DDI) is a company that prospects for and mines sites in Canada.

DDI has recently located diamonds and rubies in the Tourgat region also.

1989 brought a diamond exploration boom in Canada. In 1998, the first diamond mine was opened in Canada. Where the Canadian territory is so large, it has taken many years for the diamonds to be located. Today, there are several diamond mine operations being performed in the Canadian. Of course, Africa has been known for diamond exploration for more than a century and Canada has only just recently been targeted for prospecting. Diamond Discoveries International Corp. has located diamonds and rubies in the region during this century and the company continues to mine these sites to this day. They have also continued to explore the remaining area they have claim over. Furthermore, the property they are working on now has been found to contain up to 50 sites where the potential for diamond deposits exist. Diamond Discoveries International Corp. recently traded at a volume of 273,504 shares to close up at .026 cents a share.

According to Diamond Discoveries International Corp, Diamonds in Canada

"Diamond Discoveries International's exploration program in the Torngat region of northern Quebec, Canada is emerging as a new kimberlite field with enormous diamond potential. In a very short time, Diamond Discoveries has located several new diamond bearing dykes and has discovered over 50 potentially diamond bearing kimberlite* dykes. Adding momentum to success, Diamond Discoveries has made the first discovery of kimberlite "pipes" in the region."

As far as Diamonds in Canada is concerned, it would seem that there are diamonds in them thar hills!

*kimberlite: Kimberlite is a mica peridotite and a source of rich deposits of diamonds. The deposits occurring at Kimberley, South Africa were the first recognized and the source of the name. The Kimberly diamonds were originally found in decomposed kimberlite which was colored yellow by limonite, and so was called "yellow ground." Deeper workings encountered less altered rock, undecomposed kimberlite, which miners call "blue ground." wikipedia


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