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Buy Diamonds

The cost of buying diamonds can vary considerably depending on the type and quality of the diamond.

Diamonds can vary in price from a few hundred to many hundreds of thouosands of dollars depending upon the quality and the size of the diamond. the larger the diamond and the better the quality the more per carat they will cost.

You want to get the best diamond for your money so it is a good idea to have some idea of what the qualities of a diamond are and how they affect the price.

Here are some useful hints you can use to buy diamonds.

Types of Diamonds
There are many types of diamonds. The Cut of a diamond is the best way to recognize types of diamonds This is the shape of a diamond and the final presentation bu the diamond cutter. The more common shapes, called Cuts are as follows:

Round Brilliant
Emerald Cut
Princess Cut
Heart Cut
Oval Cut
Marquise Cut
Pear Cut
Round Brilliant

These are shown at the top of the page. Some Cuts are more popular than others and some are more suitable for certain types of jewelry than others. The Princess cut is probably the most poplar of all.

Diamonds are also categorized by their color, clarity and weight. Each plays a part in defining a type of diamond.

How Much are Diamonds
The price of diamonds vary. It is dependent upon the quality of the diamond, determined by the color, clarity and cut, and the carat weight of the diamond, which determines how big the diamond is. So to have an understanding of what price you should pay for a diamond, it is necessary to know what sort and quality of diamond you are buying.

As part of checking the price of the diamond there should be a certificate from an independent gemmological laboratory that lists the true characteristics and qualities of the diamond. This will help to get a accurate valuation of the diamond.

The higher quality diamond the higher will be the price. But also watch for low quality diamonds being sold for high prices. This is why it is so important to have an independent evaluation, especially for a high value diamond.

Where to Buy Diamonds
Buying diamonds online can give you the opportunity of finding the best cut diamonds. It is relatively easy for sellers to list their wholesalers inventories online whereas stores can only offer and show their current stock. This will open the door to a much larger selection of beautifully cut diamonds at the best price. Online dealers, tend to be cheaper than from the local diamond shop in the High Street as they have much lower overheads, no shop, utilities and little staff to pay for.

In addition, as there are many more dealers on line than there are stores, competition is increased and a greater variety of diamonds is made available. There may also be some tax benefits to be derived from buying interstate and even from other countries in many cases.

Browse the dealers online and locate those that are reputable and reliable. Ring them up and discuss how they operate. Read their terms and conditions on the web site. Ensure they have a fixed address and contact numbers and faxes. Check if they are members of a Diamond Association in their country.

Get each purchase independently appraised. This ensures you know what you are getting. It applies even if you are buying a diamond from a store. Especially if you are not experienced in understanding the value of diamonds.

Do a comprehensive search on prices. Once you know what to look for in a diamond you can compare apples with apples, or in this case diamonds with diamonds.

Whether you are buying just the one diamond for a celebratory occasion, or to impress that special person, or collecting as a hobby or for investment purposes, diamond buying can be a satisfying and rewarding experience provided you follow the important points above.

What to look for in Buying a Diamond
Firstly general information about diamonds is offered through the links on the right. the 4 C's of diamonds, cut, color, clarity and carat weight, the basic facts about diamonds, how to tell a real diamond from a imitation or zirconia. There are various addition articles covering the various facets (pun intended) of different diamonds, added on a regular basis so it pays to check back at regular intervals and read all of those as well.

Ensure you educate yourself about diamonds. Understand all about how diamonds are cut. Read the article on the 4C's of diamonds, cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Check out the educational links on the links page.

Tips and Hints
Diamonds look their best in a well lite environment hence the lighting in many stores is deliberately designed to show the diamonds at their best. However when you get the diamond home or in the natural light you would normally display it, the difference can be disappointing.

So there is an additional advantage to buying diamonds online where you can have them shipped to your home and inspect them in the light they would normally be worn. You can also take them to a local jeweller and get an additional assessment prior to confirming your purchase.

Ensure you get a certificate with any diamond you purchase. This is important not only to ensure you get what you pay for but also to establish the insurance value of the diamond and as substantiation when and if the time comes to sell it.

It is important therefore that you educate yourself very well with the various aspects of diamonds that you need to make an informed purchase.

Provided you do some due diligence and understand about diamonds you will be able to buy diamonds with confidence.


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