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Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds are perhaps the most valuable objects in the world. They are certainly the most concentrated for of wealth.

Argyle Pink Diamonds all originate in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Diamonds were first discovered in the area in the late 1970s by a geologist. In 1985 Rio Tinto built a mine on the site and it now produces around 600 million diamonds.

Only one tenth of one percent is a Argyle Pink Diamond however making them the rarest of diamonds. As the resourcves of the mine are depleted, estimated to be by 2020, the pink precious will be come even more valuable.

Argyle Pink Diamonds are collected not just by celebrities and the wealthy to wear. They are also collected by investors with an eye to the future and the expected increase in value over the coming years.

No one exactly knows what gives a Argyle pink diamond its color. Many think it is due to the immense pressure deep in the earths crust and as the diamond rises it becomes pink, although why this only happens to so few and not all diamonds is never explained. Certainly something happens to change the internal structure of the diamond and cause it to obtain that much sought after pink glow.

Argyle Pink Diamond Chart

Argyle pink diamonds are so unique Argyle Pink Diamonds have developed a special dedicated grading system for the pink diamonds only as shown left. This system grade the stones by their pink color as shown on the chart. A 1p is an intense pink, with graduations in colour through to 9p. Colours range from Red to Pink, Purplish Pink, to Pink Rosé, Pink Champagne and Violet.

Ninety percent of the worlds pink diamonds come from the Argyle Mine in the Kimberley’s but a year’s supply of these would fit into the palm of your hand.

If you are one of the wealthy, then the Argyle Pink Diamond can be within your sights. Be careful when looking at pink diamonds online however, There appear toi be many cheaper Pink Diamonds. These are usually Argyle Diamonds but diamonds from Africa or other areas and are usually very pale or, worst, are plain diamonds of low quality that have been colored pink.

There is nothing like the real thing however and it always pays to have any diamond certified by an accredited gemologist or gemological laboratory.
For more information on Argyle Diamonds visit


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