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Wholesale Loose Diamond Chips

Wholesale Loose Diamond ChipsWholesale loose diamond chips are easy to get if one cares to spend some time searching and browsing.

There are a few pointers to keep in mind however. It is pretty much a buyer beware situation and this applies particularly if buying online.

You are unable to really see and judge a diamond when it is bought online either through a dealer or auction. You usually get a picture, sometimes a stock photo, that may show the diamond or ‘a diamond’ in its best colors but you do need to know something about diamonds and how they are graded to pick out those that seem the best for the price.

If you are buying online examine the diamonds in natural light, preferable with a white background and you can see any visible to the naked eye flaws. Check the diamond against the certificate to ensure they match. You might even like to take it to a local jeweler to be examined in your presence. (it is wise not to let a diamond go out of your sight when being examined. The exception being a GIA laboratory)

wholesale loose diamond chips are really very small diamonds that can be suitably used to make up a ring or broach say and could surround a good sized diamond centerpiece. In a platinum ring they can really provide some extra enhancement to make the ring look very beautiful and exquisite.

All diamonds, small or large and even wholesale loose diamond chips should come with a GIA certificate indicating the grade and quality of the diamonds. Make sure the dealer has a money back guarantee also.

Check out the information this site. There is extensive information about diamonds and how they are graded, how to select a good diamond from a bad and how to ensure that you are getting a good quality diamond and not a dud.

Provided you use a little common sense, wholesale loose diamond chips are not hard to find and buy!

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